28 August 2005

Former prisoner heads museum

A former Robben Island prisoner was appointed as the new chief executive officer of the Robben Island Museum, earlier this year. Paul Langa (54) is a an ANC veteran born in Soweto. He studied political science at Wits University. In 1977 he left South Africa to join uMkonto weSizwe but was arrested in the same year and served 14 years on Robben Island as a political prisoner.

27 August 2005

Voortrekker Monument keeps pace and grows

Since its opening in 1949, the Voortrekker Monument has watched over Pretoria. The little museum that used to be in the restaurant area, was moved and today showcases many Great Trek artefacts, including the Bible given to the Trekkers in Grahamstown.
In 2001, Fort Schanskop was incorporated into the Voortrekker Monument. This Anglo-Boer War fort houses the Danie Theron statue which was moved there in 2002 from Potchefstroom. There is also a replica of the Tanganjika Monument which was erected in 1953 in Tanzania by the descendants of the Boers who moved there are the Anglo-Boer War.
The 341 hectares around the Voortrekker monument are home to various animals including zebras, various species of buck, and pheasants. There are ox-wagon rides, horse rides, as well as walking and mountain bike trails. The chapel is often used for weddings. Future plans include a heritage centre.